Video Poem: “Arrhythmia”

A beautiful piece of art! Powerful!

Erica Goss

I’m happy to present “Arrhythmia,” a video poem created by Marc Neys (aka Swoon) from a poem I wrote. Michael Dickes, editor of Awkword Paper Cut, recorded the poem, and I shot the video. Here are some process notes about this project:

The poem started with a note I wrote in my journal on May 21 of this year: “My Son’s Heart.” On July 1, I added these lines:

speaks its own language

code rolling out of machines

has frightened some, intrigued others

is slightly larger than normal

a heart ahead of its time

refusal to beat like other hearts

From these lines the poem wrote itself, basically. I finished it on July 2. A couple of weeks later in New York City, I met up with Michael Dickes (editor of Awkword Paper Cut) and asked if he would record the poem. He made a wonderful recording, exactly what I…

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